Everyone – the artist of his life.

For the first time I saw this world on a warm spring day, on May 8, 1990. My name is Oleksandra; I was born in Odessa, which is called the pearl of the Black Sea. Since that I love my city with all my heart. Be from Odessa is for all your life, no matter where you live. Since childhood, I have a curiosity about everything around me. I love nature. I am interested in many things throughout my life and it partly explains the diversity of my hobbies and occupations. I have many hobbies, such as numismatics, fencing, beading, graphic design and many others. From the age of three, I studied music and then graduated from music school (piano). I am an active participant of the website devoted to speed typing on the keyboard, so-called “Klavogonki”. In addition, I taught the children to private music lessons, worked as a nurse, an instructor in photo trips, performed the orders of needlework, web-design. I write poetry and mini-stories.

I chose to become a doctor, because I have a desire to help people and I see my calling in this assistance. That is why I graduated from a medical university and now work as a doctor. However, I cannot imagine my life without art, in particular, without photography. I strive to overcome the stereotypes and remove shortcuts. That gives me an opportunity for improvisation and inspiration, differently it is impossible for me to be creative. I do not just look into the camera; I let everything into my heart. What I embody in pictures gives the opportunity to find out how I see and perceive the world. Seriously, I started taking pictures at age 17; around the same time, I discovered Internet activity. Many people from different countries know my nicknames AlexandraX, Belka, Belchonochka (which means Squirrel).

My family and my close people have always supported me in different endeavors, helping me to grow and develop and I am very grateful to them. It would be difficult for me to live without their faith and love. There are many interesting, talented, creative, and extraordinary people around the world among my friends. They also strongly influence on my outlook and interests.

I love to travel and discover new places. Now I live and work with my husband in the city of Odessa. I’m not gonna never stop, because there is always something to strive for. I always try to be optimistic, to believe in the best, my motto is: “Everything will be fine!”.